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I’m an Angelino now  Ian Angelino

Of Los Angeles 90291

City of Quartz

Home of Trumbo Columbo and Dumbo

where Botox is mandibly mandatory

where private face lifts take you up to the penthouse


fanny adams  if you ain’t got the plastic fantastic

for skin that’s elastic

Gimme gynecomastic to help stop my moob swings

For tits to die for  to lie for

Where five thousand dollars

will wipe the smile from your face

and a further five will put it back

Inject me please with your cow collagen

with your dermalogen  your dead man’s lard

to swell my brace of blushing pilgrims

Then bleach my peach  fumigate my fundament

defoliate my back my sack and crack

Chemically peel my bell and balls

Shift my nipples  Swap them round

From left to right to left

and augment my pink frisbee areolae

Suck the panniculus from my abdomen

and the money from my wallet

for I’d like to make a fat transfer please

from my belly to that bucket over there

Make me look like a doll that looks like a man

that looks like a doll

Smooth away my history

make serious my laughter lines

humour my scowls

rhinoplast my hooter  from Pinocchio to perfect

and seal

while you’re there

my powder-perforated  snowed-up  mama coca septum

Rejuvenate my vagina and elongate my penis

so I can then

quite happily


fuck myself

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